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On the premiere episode of The Get Better Podcast, Jason Eric Ross joins us on a discussion around the overall underlying premise of the show. Jason is a licensed Psychotherapist (FL/NY), Actor and Writer, specializing in Parenting, Trauma, Families, Psychopathology, Substance Abuse and Wellness. His background includes Psychoanalysis, School Psychology, Chronic Mental Health and Personal Training/Nutrition, Jason also  frequently contributes to TV, Podcasts and Web Articles.

Jason attracts clients may looking for straightforward advice and/or support and sometimes to delve into serious issues that have plagued them for years. They want to break patterns and grow and challenge themselves. Jason  provides a safe space for them to do so, and we spent our time talking about many of the issues that plague us, why, and some tools and methods we can all apply to our thinking.

You can listen to the episode right here (see above), download it here . The episode is also available on iTunes and Google Play . If you would like to learn more about Jason Eric Ross, visit him at, follow him on Twitter, Instagram, Vimeo and Facebook. Download the full transcript of the episode here.