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Dolly Chugh is a tenured professor at the NYU Stern school of business as well as an author, and public speaker. Dolly focuses on the idea that we can all be ‘better’ people by simply adopting the notion that we should not strive to be perfect, but rather just strive to be ‘better-ish’. The basis of Chugh’s latest book focuses on what she knows best, bias. Bias is the idea that triggers our preconceptions, behaviors, our actions, and ultimately determines how we operate throughout life. Dolly’s influence has spanned across the media and throughout the business world as well, appearing at Fortune 500 companies, presenting at TED, and influencing folks like the COO of Google Ventures to not only advocate her, but also contribute to her latest book. Join us for a great journey where we take the opportunity to here what she brings to the table for all of us trying to just be better-ish. 

You can listen to the episode right here (see above), download it here . The episode is also available on iTunes and Google Play . If you would like to learn more about Dolly, visit her at, or follow her on Twitter. Dolly’s latest book, THE PERSON YOU MEAN TO BE: HOW GOOD PEOPLE FIGHT BIAS is available here .