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This week we spoke with Dr. Ralph Napolitano, a chiropractor and restaurateur from the Bronx, NY. Ralph is just a regular hard-working guy on the surface who happened to grow up with some very strong values. Most of these values were instilled while growing up in a very traditional “New York-Italian” family, and spending much of his childhood either on the stoop of his apartment building or in the multi-generational restaurant his family has owned and operated since the early 1900’s. Even as solid a foundation as Ralph had, when trouble met paradise for Ralph, he got lost and desperately searched for an understanding to his situation. He discovered social media, and began using Twitter to send messages containing some of those same values out to the world, but mostly so he could hear them once again. The public, especially the younger generation of folks responded overwhelmingly. They embraced Ralph’s messaging, spring-boarding him to self-brand himself into a broadcaster of ‘old school values’ specifically focused on having grit and ‘mental toughness’.

You can listen to the episode right here (see above), download it here . The episode is also available on iTunes and Google Play . If you would like to learn more about Ralph, follow him on Twitter .