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The Get Better Podcast

Robb’s life has been remarkable – filled with failures and success, loss and recovery, and incredible opportunities for growth and awareness. He’s failed at business, lost a spouse to illness and his son to gang violence. All gifts, he will tell you, as he continues to embrace fatherhood, create space to experience true love and enjoy sustainable success in his business endeavors. In all this, he communicates a powerful message that elevates the human spirit and instills hope in others that they may finally live lives of passionate purpose. Robb Braun has also offered his newest book to our audience for $.99, which is available via Amazon here.

Latest Episodes

Episode 9 – Dolly Chugh

Dolly Chugh is a tenured professor at the NYU Stern school of business as well as an author, and public speaker. Dolly focuses on the idea that we can all be ‘better’ people by simply adopting the notion that we should not strive to be perfect, but rather just strive to be ‘better-ish’. The basis of Chugh’s latest book focuses on what she knows best, bias. Bias is the idea that triggers our preconceptions, behaviors, our actions, and ultimately determines how we operate throughout life.

Episode 8 – Dr. Ralph Napolitano

This week we spoke with Dr. Ralph Napolitano, a chiropractor and restaurateur from the Bronx, NY. Ralph is just a regular hard-working guy on the surface who happened to grow up with some very strong values. Most of these values were instilled while growing up in a very traditional “New York-Italian” family…….

Episode 7 – Nagual The Jaguar Shaman

This week our focus is on the spiritual sphere and we speak with Matt Gomez aka The Jaguar Shaman. Matt explains his own journey searching for healing and improvement to his discovery of shamanism which eventually led him to become a student of a shaman. He furthered his interests to becoming a shaman himself, spending his time helping others to find their own spiritual ‘advisors’ and help folks improve their lives and find purpose.

Episode 6 – Jeremy Talks GBS

Life is full of surprises as we all are aware of. Jeremy went from a ‘normal’, functioning person juggling a career and family to becoming almost completely paralyzed in just two weeks. The outlook was bleak, and he was unsure if he would ever walk again or even regain his ability to use his hands or fingers. Jeremy’s good friend, Larry B joins the show today to talk to us about Guillaine-Barre (GBS) and how the condition has affected Jeremy’s existence. We will hear his own perspective on the struggles to recovery as well as his basis for launching this podcast.

Episode 5 – Kate Allan

Kate Allan has suffered a long and tremendous battle with anxiety, depression, and suicidal ‘ideation’ since childhood. These components of her existence have shaped Kate and created some deep-rooted challenges in her lifetime. Kate however, decided to find an outlet to better herself and share not just her dilemmas, but also an amazing amount of inspiration for herself and others through illustration. Kate has authored several books to date, and maintains an enormous following on many social media platforms.

Episode 4 – Dan Krawczyk

We make a multitude of decisions in our daily lives every day. Some decisions are made with little or zero thought, while others are complex decisions which require enormous amounts of data and require tremendous brain power. Dan joins us today to speak about his work, lending some perspective based on his work in reasoning and decision-making through an approach that combines neuro-imaging, cognitive psychology, and human neuro-psychology. He has investigated the neural basis of reasoning in healthy adults, adolescents, and individuals with disorders including dementia, brain injury, and autism spectrum disorders. His work has focused on reasoning by analogy and metaphor comprehension.

Episode 3 – Fred Stuvek

Fred Stuvek, veteran, Pennsylvania Hall of Famer, former CEO of a major corporation he took public,  and now author joins us to talk about the fundamental pillars of success. Fred talks to us about what personally shaped his own success, his approach, and offers us some insightful advice on the same steps he outlines in his book…..

Episode 2 – Jonathan Pritchard

This week on the Get Better Podcast we talk to Jonathan Pritchard. Jonathan is an award-winning author, public speaker, and magician who has performed for millions. He’s been the opening act for the legendary Penn & Teller and hearing Jon talk, it’s easy to see why he has been so successful at understanding people.  Jon talks to us about an approach we can all consider to transform ourselves……

Episode 1 – Jason Eric Ross

On the premiere episode of The Get Better Podcast, Jason Eric Ross joins us on a discussion around the overall underlying premise of the show. Jason is a licensed Psychotherapist (FL/NY), Actor and Writer, specializing in Parenting, Trauma, Families, Psychopathology, Substance Abuse and Wellness. His background includes Psychoanalysis, School Psychology, Chronic Mental Health and Personal Training/Nutrition, Jason also  frequently contributes to TV, Podcasts and Web Articles.