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About The Podcast

My name is Jeremy Oster, and I happen to be the founder of The Get Better Podcast. I’m a pretty typical forty-something guy from the East Coast of the United States. I have a background that lends itself to “enterprise” technology and security, having spent the past two decades working in and around technology. I live in the ‘burbs; three kids and a dog and the whole very typical kind of setup. Nothing really special there. I’ve struggled for success just like everyone else, encountered trials and tribulations, challenging situations, and adversities along the way. I was an earner, a father, a husband, and a fairly confident guy. Life wasn’t perfect but I found ways to compensate for imperfection – I was witty and sarcastic; spent lots of money on things I didn’t really need, and was fortunate enough to be able to excuse myself from a lot of the problems I faced by choosing jobs and roles that required me to travel somewhat extensively.

Around July of 2016, and over the course of less than a week or so, my entire existence came to a grinding halt. The details are disturbing to describe, but the short version – I went from being a fully functioning adult who lived burning the candle on both ends; running endless errands, on a plane every other week, attending my kids’ sports events, food shopping, cooking, dropping off\picking up kids, etc. I went from all this usual everyday stuff – to completely losing my ability to physically move. It would take another four months until I could even sit up, never mind stand. I had lost the ability to feel anything in my legs, feet, arms, hands and fingers. It’s hard to imagine, even for me; even today.

I decided months later that I needed to find some coping mechanism. I always loved podcasts, and had very casually considered the idea of producing a podcast over the years. I concluded that the situation I’m experiencing is while somewhat unique, remains situational. That is to say that the adversity, the drama, the frustration, and the challenges that I’m facing…. These are challenges we all encounter. And we all need some help. And we all need some perspective and inspiration. We all need to get better.

I’m here to facilitate this an hour or half-hour at a time. I look for people I can talk to and record a conversation with. People who have challenged the adversities of life, found or designed techniques to become effective, have made their life’s work about perpetuating ability. Sometimes I’ll just talk to someone who hasn’t figured all that out, like me. But I’m working on it. So please join me in this journey, and if you would like to get in touch with me for whatever reason, you can email me HERE. Otherwise hit the social media links.